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Our professional designer team & business development team are there to communication & understanding the clients’ need from the beginning, scratching & proposing the best fit design concept within the clients’ budget, creating an innovative & one of a kind interior design.

1. ID Consulting

Having years of experience in F&B Retails, Commercial & residential projects is what shaped a strong team in IDW Consultancy. The first important steps for us is to understand client needs. From refine concept design to nifty builder work, our team of creative & build construction is always there assisting from the scratch to every detail in it.

2. Functional Space Planning

We believe that a great space planning will brings a great return of value specially in F&B retails. With over 14 years of experience handling various scales of projects, working alongside with international f&b client, we are confidence to help you in discovering the greatest possibilities of your business growth by creating a functional space planning that cater for your profession.

3. ID Makeover

This is where our team of creative helps to create and transform your environment. Be it a interior styling, furniture customise or exterior makeover, our team of designers & craftsman are here to assist, infused the space with uniqueness, lively & belongingness.

4. Built & Project Managing

This is where the great concept turned reality. As we are specific when comes to our builder workmanship, our experienced builder team will be there to assist & monitor from the beginning stage of builder work, making sure to deliver the project following construction plans & all finishes are at your expectations.


1. Research & Consultation

Planning your dream office? Want to own a unique restaurant? Have a provate consulting session with us and let our experienced designer assist you in making your idea came true!

2. Connective Space Planning

We know how impactful it is to have a operation friendly space planning when comes to commercial design, and how a good space planning in your dream home can helps to define your living lifestyle. We know the magic and we’ll make it happen for you.

3. Remodel & Rebrand

Weather you want a face-lift of your current space, or you’re looking for a brand new makeover for your restaurant, we are as exited to be part of such challenging task and bring you a WOW factor to complete everything!

4. Custom made Furniture

YES! We love Uniqueness and personalised furniture.

If you are looking for a unique wardrobe for your home, a special meeting room ambiance, be sure to come to us as our carpentry team are all prepared to bring you the finest piece of furniture!



We know how importance to have a complete team to build our way to success.

Same as what we aim to provide our client, from structure up every bricks to manage the process of necessary approvals, our team of built & construction helps to make it

1. Construction & Planning

Start your project hassle-free as our builder team will be there to handle along the process of obtaining any planning permission required, starting up the construction work according to the plan & making sure to complete on time.

2. Architecture & Engineering

To bring a great balance to the design and construction of structures, our team of architect will design based on the aim which maximising the potential of one space, as our technical experts will assist to ensure the functional & safety of the structure to meets all appropriate building codes.

3. Project Management

We take every aspect into our consideration which including managing client’s budget & oversee each and every progress of the project. From construction planning to work dedication will be oversee by our Project managers, ensuring everything progresses as per planned while ensuring client are well involve of every progress.


1. Site Visit & Research

This is a free & no obligation site visit to understand client needs & precise requirements on all the basic groundwork & further arrangement.

2. Pre-work Assessment

Once site visit done, we will make a closer analysis of the proposed project, carefully evaluate and consider on legal issue & approvals before the proceed of design & construction stage.

3. Planning & Managing

With all the info & planning well prepared, this is where you can sit back and relax while we handle the entire process of obtaining any Planning Permission required.

4. Construction & Finishing

There’s a dream builder behind every great finishing. Our building team are well experience working under tight schedule and are able deliver great finishing within the timeline.



A good branding & logo is always an adding sparks to the creative interior finishing. Be it a Saloon, fnb retails or hospitality, experience a 1 stop solution from us as we are here to assist in position your brand for success in your industry.

1. The Story Teller

Great stories happen to those who can tell them. The first and most important leap of faith to create a great brand always start with a story behind your brand. Our creative team are here to structure your base of success by helping you in searching of your brand story and identity.

2. Branding & Culture

From Logo Design, Corporate identity to every aspect in which related to creative, we are here to make sure to outshine your uniqueness in your field.

3. Creative Marketing

As the story continue, we start to infused your brand with rich content and recognition, our business and marketing team will ensure it with creative marketing proposal, social media as well as other branding step-by-step, guiding & assisting you through out the journey of success.


1. Connecting Fundamental

You will be invited for an interview by our team of creative marketing to understand more about your business origin and your prospect of your future expansion.

2. Content Enriching

With the info provided, our creative team will proceed in the magical process of strategy analysis and brand evaluation, then proceed to planning and structuring the best brand identity & marketing strategy to strike for success.

3. Creative Enhancement

In the last stage, our Creative & marketing team will join force and proceed in preparing your tackle tools: Logo design, Website design, social media planning, product shooting or even video shooting, ensuring to provide the services that customize to your needs.


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